Chords of Strength

Heyyy guys.. I am back again ;D
have you heard about David Archuleta's new book which will be released on 4th of Mei named Chords of Strength?
Oh you gotta buy it, exactly I don't know either what he wrote inside it, but beats me..
If it's David Archuleta, then something inside must be funny lol
oh oh btw, did you see David's tweet? He said he's done growing, I think David really wants to gain height, but the truth is different than his expectation, so guys.. let's cheer David up.. height is not really a matter, right? tall or not tall, we all are still the same ;)
and here's a post about Chords of Strength's cover by David Archuleta :D

My Fave Video

This is one of my favorite videos..
It's just a simple video where David Archuleta sings A Thousands Miles by Vanessa Carlton..
Why do I like it? because it's amazing how David can sing that song in such a young age.

My friends love taking pics

So yesterday, I had religion test which took me to give the evangelion.. lol I targeted my self to go home 9:30am xP
It's great to know that I could make it at that time.. and while I waited for my dad, My friends borrowed my cellphone..
guess what they did? they took their own pictures..
beats me..they love taking their own picture so much, still in positive way
and they asked me to post the pictures on facebook, to think of it, I wanna put it on blogger instead of facebook..
so here the pictures goooo...

David Archuleta- She's not you