back back back

woo..I'm back..uda brapa lama y g posting? x)
o iy..Im in senior high now..
n ak g lg tinggal d Blitar =\
honestly,.the society in Malang is totally different than the society in Blitar..the friends who I know are naughtier than my friends in Blitar,how some boys are truly harsher than my friends in Blitar..
oh yeah,btw i got a prob just now..
My male classmate, he is selfish..he wants all the attentions for him n want everyone else be lower than him..WOW
so well, he treated me lower than him was in my mind..i just wanna be his friend,a friend who walks side by side with him,not someone who will walk behind him..
n the climax,when that guy treated my close friend badly,I shouted on him "If you wanna be respected,then respect others"
n he pretended like he didnt hear wat i I shouted again.."Listen if someone's speaking"
then he was all mad to the max..
I dont understand..aren'tI supposed to b the one who was mad?
well then,I was soo upset that he was mad n I cried..
then after the school finished,I decided to apologize to him,but guess wat he said? he said "then,wats your business shouting loudly at me in front of the class room?" well my self defense is I was upset that I let my anger out unconsciously..but he said he forgives me,his voice doesnt seem so though. so I asked him "u really forgive me?you do not seem so" he said "it's my emotions,wat d'ya want?"then he walked away..WOW..sooo hurt..I tried to apologize but then that was his respond..
well,I didnt mind that too much though,so after I got home,I tried to apologize to him again by texting..but he didnt reply..
n i said to myself that's enough,I am not wrong n I apologized,yet he underestimates me.
SO I ignore him from now on,not being angry to him,but not letting myself get closer to that guy so guys,do u think I'm wrong?comments are much appreciated :)