just saw my junior high friend..and WOW! she looks different in Surabaya,dang!
then I tried to search it to see the clearer pic of her..and found her blog..
I read her blogs from junior high 'till now..
my goodness =( her blogs touched me soo much..it knocked my heart..really felt like im back to my junior high times =\ man! I almost cry now..at least my heart is..
and to know that I wanna cry,that just makes me hate myself..
I am 16yo now..this year I am 17..but Im still crying over the past...how things were really really really beautiful...things are getting more complicated now..
its like how can I cry n find a lot of sadness here while my friends in Surabaya are trully happy there?did I make a wrong choice to get to Malang n study here? =(
have I chosen the wrong friends? bcause all I know is I am getting more spoiled everyday..I have changed a lot...no matter how much I tried to be strong,but I cried at last..am I that bad?am I that spoiled?n guess what?my friends in Malang are such spoiled kids too..well some of them are like that..
but its LIKE!!!!!OH MAN!!I wanna get up!just GET UP!I WANNA BETTER! thats all,,i dont wanna be spoiled kid,easy to cry,crying over the past and just be happy in days am going through without saying "my junior high time is more beautiful than now"
I hope by blogging this thing up..I can remember to become strong..not to cry again..
and enjoy my life in Malang,cuz now Im not enjoying it at all..I MUST n I hope I will be stronger and be happy..